Science as a bridge. Science in action

Keywords: science in action, university, research cooperation, scientific problems


The article deals with the concept of science in action. This is a method of conducting science in the interests of the local community and in collaboration with local institutions. Academic research is coupled with practice, with the common aim of solving specific social problems. Knowledge gained in this way enriches global achievements, and at the same time meets the needs of the community. The defining conditions of this process are respect and mutual acknowledgement among co-workers, partnership communication, co-operation focussed on effectiveness and the coupling of theory with practical research, as well as a full-scale diagnosis of the real problems in the institute.

Author Biography

Aleksander Kobylarek, University of Wrocław, Institute of Pedagogy, ul. Dawida 1/3, Poland

PhD in humanities, assistant professor at the University of Wrocław (Poland) in Departament of Pedagogy, manager of the University of the Third Age in the University of Wrocław up to 2016, author of more than 100 scientific publications, including articles, books, chapters, editor-in-chief of international scientific "Journal of Education Culture and Society" and "Ogrody Nauk i Sztuk (Gardens of Science and Arts).


[1] Kobylarek, A. (2005). Redefinicja funkcji szkół wyższych z punktu widzenia interesów środowisk lokalnych (teoria mostu) [Redefinition of Higher Education Function Seen From The Perspective of Local Communities Interests]. Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe(2), pp. 32-38.
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